Distressed Rustic Wooden American Flags

Handcrafted One At A Time

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About My Handcrafted Flags

Large Rustic Wood American Flag (Hand Carved Stars on Union) 371/16 x 191/4 inches

My Rustic American Flags are truly unique.  I hand-select the lumber which is cut to specifications.

Unlike some of the other flags, each of my flags are made out of thirteen individual strips which are bound together to form a truly rustic American Flag... The beauty of my flags are further enhanced by personally distressing hand torching each component. Premium water-based stain along with a brand name clear satin finish gives awesomeness and beauty of my wooden flag long-lasting color and durability.

Additionally, each of the 50 stars are hand-carved by me personally and then torched giving each Rustic American Flag a unique and distinctive look.

  • Each handcrafted flag is made by hand
  • Special requests like extra torching or distressing available
  • Hanging hardware attached
  • Packaged and Shipped to the contingent 48 US States at No Charge

My Flag Making Process


The Selection, Distressing & Torching


All wood used in the flag is personally selected and cut to specs

  • Strips are cut to specs and arranged
  • Distressing while assembled
  • Torching is applied
  • Sanding where necessary

Brilliant Color Stain Applied 


Flags are disassembled and each thirteen pieces are stained appropriately being careful not to change the order of assembly.

  • Red and Blue stain are applied
  • Wood's natural color acts as the white
  • The blue Union is not separate like some flags

Adding Stars & Final Assembly


Unlike many other wooden flags, I hand-carve each Star  

  • Each Star Individually Carved
  • Each Star is Torched 
  • Hanging hardware is installed
  • Arrives at your door ready to hang.

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Why I Make These Flags


I began making these many years ago in honor of my father who served in the Korean War (my grandfather, who served in the US Army during WWI as an immigrant from Armenia, along with my Uncle who was among the first to serve as a Marine in the South Pacific during WWII) as gifts to family members.  

My father was a true patriot who always loved The Flag and what it stood for.  He was one of those “tough guys” we think of like a John Wayne yet, whenever he heard our National Anthem, he would unapologetically shed a tear.

I have his portrait hanging on the wall by the table saw so he can oversee each and every flag I make... I am proud to be able to offer a bit of my dad’s love of this Country with all of you.

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Visalia, California, USA

Over 30 Years of Woodworking Experience

My woodworking and general contracting profession began in El Segundo Ca in 1985 when I began working in a cabinet shop while attending college... which quickly became my profession upon graduation... earned my general contractors license in 1990.  I have been creating, building and fabricating ever since.

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